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The Crack-GMAT Math Study Guide is different in that it focuses on fundamentals along with the standard tips and techniques which work for some questions and not for others. Moreover there can't be shortcuts and techniques for all different types of GMAT questions, so it's better not to rely totally on any techniques, but focus on the fundamentals as well. We understand that the learning needs of all students are different. With this study guide you could be making your own shortcuts and tips - we believe you can. The Crack-GMAT Math Study Guide make the concepts easy to understand and builds upon fundamentals. The study guide has loads of practice questions and practice tests, to prepare you well before you take the GMAT.


Comprehensive Preparation :

          Concepts explained in simple language
   Practice Questions on all topics
   Tests to monitor your progress
   Solved examples with each topic
   GMAT specific strategies

Special chapters (with practice tests) for specific question types like - races, mixtures, time and work, time and speed etc. which appear frequently in the GMAT.

Special chapters on important topics which have recently started appearing in the GMAT:

  • Probability
  • Mean, Median, Mode

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  1. Numbers
    Practice Test
  2. Fractions
  3. Exponents
    Practice Test
  4. Ratios
    Practice Test
  5. Percentage
    Practice Test
  6. Profit & Loss
    Practice Test
  7. Simple & Compound Interest
    Practice Test
  8. Speed & Time Problems
    Practice Test
  9. Work & Time Problems
    Practice Test
  10. Mixtures
    Practice Test


  1. Introduction to Algebra
  2. Linear Equations
    Practice Test
  3. Factorisation of Algebraic Equations
  1. Simultaneous Equations
    Practice Test
  2. Quadratic Equations
    Practice Test
  3. Inequalities
    Practice Test


  1. Lines & Angles
    Practice Test
  2. Triangles
  3. Quadilaterals
  4. Circles
  5. Areas & Volumes
  6. Geometry - Solved Examples
    Practice Test


  1. Venn Diagrams
    Practice Test
  2. Probability
    Practice Test
  3. Data Sufficiency
    Three Practice Tests

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