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The 75-minutes in which you will attempt the verbal section on the GMAT can literally make or break your chances of admission to a B-school of your choice, as it is this section which often proves to be the difference between a low score and a high score on the GMAT. To help you with this section, and also with the tedious AWA section, we offer our state-of-the-art Crack-GMAT study guides.

About Crack-GMAT Verbal Study Guide

The objective of the Crack-GMAT Verbal Study Guide is to help you to not only perform to your potential in the GMAT, but also develop a healthier, more friendly attitude towards English Grammar, a subject you may have dreaded at school.

What's there to learn in English? - We all can speak, read and write English. Remember, you may use the vernacular English at a casual, conversational level (even at your work place), but to use it at an official, formal platform like the GMAT, you need to know the rules.

The Crack-GMAT Verbal Study Guide is different in that it focuses on fundamentals along with the standard tips and techniques. But since there can't be shortcuts and techniques for all different types of GMAT questions, it's better not to rely entirely on techniques, but focus on the fundamentals as well. We understand that the learning needs of all students are different. With this study guide you could be making your own shortcuts and tips - we believe you can. The Crack-GMAT Verbal Study Guide makes the concepts easy to understand and builds upon fundamentals. The study guide has loads of practice questions and practice tests to prepare you well before you take the GMAT.

The Unique Features of the GMAT Verbal Study Guide are:

Comprehensive Preparation :

          Concepts explained in simple language
   Over Hundred Practice Questions
   Tests to monitor your progress
   Solved examples with each topic
   GMAT specific strategies

Click here for a sample chapter of the GMAT Verbal Study Guide

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  1. Subject-Verb Agreement
    Practice Exercise 1
  1. Modifiers
    Strategies for Tackling GMAT Sentence Correction
    Practice Exercise 2
  1. Tenses
    The Time Line
    Practice Exercise 3
  1. Critical Reasoning
    CR Question Types
    Practice Exercise 4
  1. Parallelism
    Practice Exercise 5
  1. Reading Comprehension
    Types of RC Questions
    Practice Exercise 6
  1. Pronouns
    Rules on Pronouns
    Practice Exercise 7
  1. Prepositions
    Practice Exercise 8


Click here to download the GMAT Verbal Study Guide now at a special price of US $ 18 only


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The GMAT Verbal Study Guide also forms a part of the Crack-GMAT comprehensive preparation package along with the Math study guide, the Essay guide and a series of 5 GMAT CAT tests.

The price for the Crack-GMAT comprehensive preparation package is US $ 29.95

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